December is the month where people usually plan what they call new year resolution.

To be honest this project was stuck for a little while in my brain, but I never had the chance of working on it. The reality is I haven’t really thought when and how to start. In the last few years, I face some changes and challenges in my photography and art. Moving from DSLR to Rangefinder camera and then again from that great camera I own, into a mobile photographer. What a journey but I’m enjoying it a lot.

Where this idea come from?

I was thinking how to use my social networks more effectively and especially how to get the best of it and directing people to my blog and invest more time writing posts about my photography. I’m never been so efficient and productive since I shot just on mobile, so there is a lot of material, but ever since I was showing them on Instagram, Twitter etc., and all at the same time. No diversification of content, the same photography here and there making me think why people should come to my blog if they get everything on each network.

Photography for me isn’t about the medium but about the talent.

It doesn’t matter how many pixels your camera have neither what lens you have attached to it (even if I can hear right now all the photographers and PROs screaming and laughing at me), how expensive are your accessories. Photography was and always will the expression ideas, creativity, talent and story.

#12monthswithcolour is a project I’ll run on Instagram for the whole of 2019.

I’ll shot a picture a day with my iPhone with no Moment lenses attached (they will be for all the rest) and I’ll shoot with Halide camera and adjust with Darkroom. 365 pictures divided by colour theme for twelve months starting with WHITE.

I will display those photos just on my Instagram with here just a view of the latest 6 from it. Twitter and Facebook will also have a review of content and how I’ll share with all of you so enjoy the following year and enjoy my photography.

Now that you get to the end feel free to enjoy the rest of the website and don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date with my latest blog post.