Be proud of yourself!

In the past few months, I have been making contact with many people over the internet through various kinds of social networks. The majority of them have been professional photographers, but also amateurs, art directors, sales managers and accounts personnel. With the Social Networks evolving at such a fast pace, it offers an ideal way to seek out many opportunities and to link with skilled and influencial people, who could help create opportunities that would prove to be of great value to me and my work. Two weeks ago, I made a very important contact with Michael Freeman, a world famous leading professional  photographer and re-known book publisher, also a teacher at UK’s Open College of  the Art.  I asked for his professional opinion about my TALENT and my work, particularly the way in which I experiment with light and for my creativeness in my photography. After an exchange of communication, I asked Michael if he would look at a selection of my BEST WORKS and give me the benefit of his expertise and advice in how I could look to improve my skills, as I was so keen to expand my knowledge and skills. I was delighted to receive a very complimentary email from Michael, which certainly made me feel very confident in my work and what I had produced  so far.

Dear Marco,You have some attractive landscapes there. Interesting experiment to show the wind moving part of the tree around. As for advice, you’re doing well as you are. Of course, we all need to develop and experiment and refine, and so on, but you seem to know that already. Keep looking for special light and special places!
Best, Michael

*Michael Freeman

One of the most widely published photographers worldwide, Michael Freeman has worked for most major international magazine and book publishers in a long career. A leading photographer for the Smithsonian Magazine for three decades (more than 40 assignment stories), Freeman has also published more than 120 books on subjects as varied as Angkor, Sudan, ethnic minorities in Southeast Asia, the Shakers, and contemporary Japanese design and architecture. His 50 books on the practice of photography are standard works, and have sold almost two million copies in more than 20 languages. His contribution to teaching is the photography courses at the UK’s Open College of the Arts, now to degree level in the national curriculum. London-based, Freeman travels for half of each year on shooting assignments, principally in Asia

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