Wide Eyed and Speechless

Wide Eyed and Speechless…. Words that come into my head when I stepped into the wilderness of nature’s  back garden of beauty and peace. Leaving behind the sunshine of Italy, I arrived in England’s re-known weather front of Rain, Wind and some sunshine, although summer was officially here, it had no resemblance to the summer in my country… but still a season I love to experiment with in my work. Dressed in  my Red Hooded Sweat-Top and walking amongst the splendours of the woodlands and landscapes, it very much felt like the famous children’s fairy-tale story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, except this place of beauty certainly did not hold any fears for  me, in meeting the ‘Big Bad Wolf and my rain-wear, was certainly a god-send to keep me dry. Armed with my trustworthy equipment and Lenses, it was an ideal surrounding to experiment with my BIG STOPPER FILTER, capturing the interaction of the clouds and the fields, naturally creating light and colour only a creative mind would see with the naked eye. It’s these very photos, I was delighted to capture and now share here with you in my gallery, the outcome to what I feel was a very successful journey and taking photos in a place that may not necessary be ‘Big’ in name, on the map of towns or country anyone would choose as a first to visit, but  for me, it was a perfect two days, with perfect surroundings and in result of this… ‘The Perfect Portraits’.

And how should finished the day after a long walk with lot of great photos get during the day? Easy. A long sleep to be ready. The third day is coming!

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