I awake to another lovely day, my Third out of the Five day Adventure spent in England’s glorious countryside. The sun and the freshness of the air is the perfect start to my day for walking through the fields and woods, searching for the right moment to capture another new picture To add to my portfolio of pictures already taken in my first few days.

You can sit and plan your day ahead, check the weather, plan your route in the comfort of your home, but nature can be cruel as well as kind to any photographer, so you can never plan one day to the next, or in fact, one hour to the next. It is a case of picking up your camera and just walking, regardless of the weather, to search out that ‘Eye Catching’ moment on camera. This could mean a good day where I go back very happy with a good display of photos, or, a sudden turn in the weather can take away the light and make it very difficult for me, hence, I arrive back not so happy and the photos binned. I have found that I have had more happy days, then not so successful ones, even when the rain falls and I am wet from head to toe, the rain can make a wonderful picture against the background of the sunlight being cast over the back-drop of the countryside, exposing nature at its best with the colours of the rainbow. At the end of my third day, I walked back through the trees under a stunning sky, with just the animals of the countryside to accompany me, peaceful, relaxing and with a big smile on my face, pleased with my day’s work.

I regard myself as a rich man, but not in terms of money, but rich in the feeling of satisfaction at a good day’s work and the pleasure it will bring by adding more photos to my gallery and sharing them with you. I am at my ‘Journey End’ but just for today….It was a perfect end to a perfect day.

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