The Perfect Portrait for that Perfect Look


The desire to discover, the desire to move, to capture the flavor, three concepts that describe the art of photography.

Helmut Newton

If you take the time to sit and read the experienced wise words of Mr. Newton, you can learn and understand why, I, as a professional photographer, am so passionate about my work. To anyone who is not passionate about photography, particularly when you work on the excellence of detail in Portrait work, you will never really understand  the vision one has to have. Part of my creative vision, is working with Black & White within my portraits, I feel it plays a crucial part in being able to show the inner soul of any picture, which in turn is a form of power and strength in the overall outcome of the Image.



I feel a Portrait Session, needs to be about a sense of Personality and being able to capture that on camera, which can produce amazing results by allowing your subject, group of people like friends, families or couple, the space to express themselves, feeling totally relaxed and enjoy the whole experience of their time spent in front of the camera.The outcome of this can only be one of pure satisfaction for both the photographer and the person, who wants nothing more than to look upon the portrait, feel happy with the results and something they can cherish and share with everyone. My whole new ‘PORTRAIT’ section now published on my website….Gives me the opportunity to share with you the results and outcome of my style, skill and passion shown through my work.

Wedding & Co. as the other new section, outlines all those skills and allows you to make the choice of an affordable service based on your personal preference, whether it be your very first  Individual Portrait Session, or with family, friends or  any  special occasion, where you need to capture and keep your photographs as  part of your special library of  lifetime memories.

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