It’s all about colours!

Hello everyone hopes you are all good. What a week here in London with a lot of snow whitening the whole city. I’m here to talk and share with you my latest work discovering the latest addition to my photography equipment. I bought them from GOBE that is a filter manufacturing company founded by to amazing guys that wanted to do something good for our amazing earth while doing something for us. So when you buy filter you contributing to plant new trees. That’s so cool and I did my part. 17 trees will be planted. So so cool. So I bought two sets of filters. Gradient and normal coloured. For now, I tested and had fun with the normal coloured version. Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Blue and Grey.

💛 Yellow. I love it, it is so far my favourite. You get in return a natural vintage feeling in street and documentary photography. It absorbed blue and It also transforms that into green hue. Love it. Have a look at the following pictures.

❤️ Red. Oh wow, red literally blew me away and it is my second favourite filter. It absorbs blue and green and if you will use for black and white photography it will enhance blacks. If you use in colour photography. Well, you can see for yourself. What you get in return exploring and experimenting it’s absolutely cool and crazy. You can picture yourself into a blade runner style world. It’s absolutely crazy.

🧡 Orange. I wasn’t sure at first what I could get in return but when by the time I started to get deeper I started to appreciate it. Like the red work well in black and white but you can get for sure enjoying it with colours subject too. It all depends how far you want to push your photography.

💚 Green. On this was a true discovery. I love it so much. It absorbs red and blue but it makes everything so interesting. A true sci-fi looks into my eyes. Maybe just to me?

💙 Blue and 🖤 Grey. Ok. I’m not totally sold yet but I think because I didn’t use them properly. There are a lot of over casting of magenta with the blue filter, but for sure I’ll figure it out how to manage and get the best in my photography. Of course, I have to test all of them with a landscape in the future with also the gradient version.

I need a filter adapter with my DxoOne due to a different thread but it works and it going to give me a lot of potential exploring and cross the line of creativity that I always want to bring to new limits. Anyway. I wrote too much now. It’s time to stop. I think I might have bothered you too much 🙃

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