My side of the story. What’s yours?

A story, it’s the view that the writer wants to share with the reader, but what’s making a story special isn’t just the inner reaction you get out of them, but for me how a story can be re-imagined from your audience while they are going through your words.

An early morning can start with a newspaper on your front door to go through yesterday news with a warm and a smoky cup of coffee on your kitchen table. Or someone has left it the night before from some Londoner commuter, on their way back home stuck in a gate.

Walking up and down London streets allows you to create your stories. Someone just wakes up to have breakfast and someone is going home after a long night or just after an early walk like me.

Or maybe she went out to get fruits and vegetables at the local market, but it was too early.I’m walking on my way from London Bridge to Waterloo and fortunately, I’m not driving low in fuel. I’m not sure this pump would help but for sure it makes me feel in the eighties and on the other side of the road I can see the big hope, the big dream because in this mad world, fortunately, there are people believing things can change.20 could be just a number. For someone, it’s an important date, for others it’s a reminder and for was a great coincidence. Maybe I wasn’t the only one that notices it, especially with those giant pairs of glasses. For, sure the master chef didn’t as it was so busy and concentrated on his job. Ok, my imagination is going further now.But it’s time go back home. Someone is taking a call. Could be a friend, a wife, a boyfriend who knows. I’m waiting for my next train to Victoria and I’m wondering what are they thinking. They are strangers to each other, but they can be friends that just had a fight and now are upset with each other. You make your own story while you read this new post and if you are new to my website, please let me say.

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