Infinite views. We can all be superhero’s

Jack was looking for someone in trouble, or maybe he was Robin thinking how to collect money for people in need. This is what I liked to think of this guy when I was standing far from him so he couldn’t catch me taking this photo. I like to think he was going through a personal journey searching for the mean of life. He couldn’t see yet. He couldn’t realise that a warrior was hiding inside him, but if our shadow reflects who we are, I’m sure this is what Jack was.

He was walking through London subway looking for a way out to light and along with his journey he kept walk in a loop that took him back to his ship, maybe at the last place he spent the night drinking with his comrades, or at the pub where he locked the tables after the night shift.

There is always a way in the daylight that some people take to devote their life to heaven, but instead, he carried on in the dark looking for a new way to through the city.

Then he looked up in the sky and he starred at the infinite.

He met people crossing his path and then at the end of his long journey he discovered the way out to a new life or he just found his old car. But which one.

Sometimes is just how you see the story.

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