From Stratford to the City.

A week after my walk around in Stratford I walk from there down to the City passing by Mill Lane, Mile End, Whitechapel and finally to Tower Hill in one of the very first autumn chilly morning.

My early morning, start as always with an empty train or with someone in front of you sleeping because of a late shift or try to catch up more sleep before the start. No matter what time is it and how empty the train is when you arrive there the station is already getting busier.Streets are getting busy, vans running up and down with deliveries of the busy Saturday ahead. I decided to walk hiding from life and discovering twins, green, reflections, red and businesses even if they didn’t look like that at all.Moving down, Mile End is a really nice area with gorgeous front doors and windows of different style and colour.

Someone is going out shopping, and someone is waiting for the next bus.

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