A day at the park on a warm autumn day.

Was a nice sunny day out in the park with colleagues back in October just to make you realise how behind I’m with my posts or how much I’m shooting since I’ve got my Moment Lens.

It wasn’t cold yet but someone had the nice idea to leave a wool cap for someone in need or they thought the pool might need.

It’s been interesting looking for texture and natural pattern and then to move back to the mill and frame some nice moment of older volunteer of this beautiful site tiding up.

The weather was nice that the place was full of people, mothers with their kids with bicycles moving fast and crazy all around the park.

At the end of the day people start to leave the place watched by a pigeon couple checking around that humans didn’t ruin the greens given by Mother Nature.

I’m enjoying mobile photography, gives you the freedom you were looking for.

Sometimes is just how you see the story.

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