I awake to another lovely day, my Third out of the Five day Adventure spent in England’s glorious countryside. The sun and the freshness of the air is the perfect start to my day for walking through the fields and woods, searching for the right moment to capture another new picture To add to myContinua a leggere “MY JOURNEY END… BUT JUST FOR TODAY!”

Wide Eyed and Speechless

Wide Eyed and Speechless…. Words that come into my head when I stepped into the wilderness of nature’s  back garden of beauty and peace. Leaving behind the sunshine of Italy, I arrived in England’s re-known weather front of Rain, Wind and some sunshine, although summer was officially here, it had no resemblance to the summerContinua a leggere “Wide Eyed and Speechless”

The Poppies and daisies … the love story

When you searching for amazing place to impress in your photos and in the people’s thoughts, happened to arrived in a place you didn’t aspect. Happened to me in my 5 days journey in england. Generally you search for famous place with high impact on your observer’s eyes to let him says “WOW”,  but youContinua a leggere “The Poppies and daisies … the love story”

Goooood Morning World!

My alarm set in readiness for a bright and early start….. It awakes me at 4.00 am, I stir by opening one eye at a time and looking out into the still darkened sky I was wondering ……………………………. why I am I doing this… I enjoy a very early morning breakfast of Honey, Bread andContinua a leggere “Goooood Morning World!”