#6 Florence

A journey through Florence’s street breathing Italian’s art, history and the beauty of my country from Dante, Leonardo to the Medici.

Un viaggio tra le vie di Firenze e d’intorni respirando l’arte, la storia e la bellezza dell’Italia fra Dante, Leonardo e i Medici.

Destination? Coté d’Azure …

I’m so late in writing my posts then now deep into the autumn it’s a good thing to remember those hot days in the sun in South France. Menton has been my holiday place for the last 20 years and even if is not Italy we love it. I was waiting for my delayed flightContinua a leggere “Destination? Coté d’Azure …”

#throwbackthursday (episode TWO)

Episode TWO for my Throw back Thursday. My plan to create more and different content is going well. Hopefully visit will increase starting from march based on my plans.

A modern journey in the past.

A week ago I was organising my pictures following my rise from to be a dead photographer and focusing on a complete mobile life with iPad and iPhone and I found a couple of interesting pictures I took on my way back from Monaco. I was there for work but it was still fun. WeContinua a leggere “A modern journey in the past.”