Back to the … let’s catch up about June

I know, and I’m sorry I have been away from my blog for too long and there is a lot to catch up. Backward at the end of June, my usual early Saturday morning walk took me on a journey from St. James Park to Hyde Park and back. I have to admit this yearContinua a leggere “Back to the … let’s catch up about June”

Italy. It’s just beautiful. Part TWO

Memories, postcards, people walking around you taking photos. In this second part of my post dedicated to my beautiful country, I want to take you around Santa Margherita Ligure, Portofino and Camogli.

#throwbackthursday (episode ONE)

Here I am with my fist episode of  #throwbackthursday following my 2008 resolution plan. Last week I posted every single #tbt as single images but I didn’t like really like that way to keep my website update and live. I prefer to post single pictures when I really need to show everyone something amazing orContinua a leggere “#throwbackthursday (episode ONE)”

Soul, nature, portrait and Rock & Roll

One … Two … One, Two … and music play. Benedetto is and italian singer that bring soul and love in his passion in his music and was really a great pleasure and honour to get take portrait photos for his album.

A modern journey in the past.

A week ago I was organising my pictures following my rise from to be a dead photographer and focusing on a complete mobile life with iPad and iPhone and I found a couple of interesting pictures I took on my way back from Monaco. I was there for work but it was still fun. WeContinua a leggere “A modern journey in the past.”

A wedding tale!

Vivianne & Angelo Be part of this beautiful day is amazing and lovely. I feel part of that day of these people of those families. It’s not just go there, setting up camera, light, and ideas.It’s more deep and personal. It’s something you live, something you take part with your bride and your groom. Yes you right. I never talkContinua a leggere “A wedding tale!”