#6 Florence

A journey through Florence’s street breathing Italian’s art, history and the beauty of my country from Dante, Leonardo to the Medici.

Un viaggio tra le vie di Firenze e d’intorni respirando l’arte, la storia e la bellezza dell’Italia fra Dante, Leonardo e i Medici.

#5 From the City to Stansted.

Afternoon day just before Christmas and people around me. Not really used to it but I think I’ll do it again!

Pomeriggio prima di Natale e tanta gente intorno a me. Situazioni in cui non sono abituato. Da riprovare assolutamente!

#03 Travelling home

Travelling, leaving, trains, airports and then is again time go back. A look at my commuting between Italy and London

Viaggiare, partire, treni, aeroporti ed é già ora ti ritornare. Uno sguardo di una vita tra Italia e Londra

Italy at work

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A day at the park on a warm autumn day.

Was a nice sunny day out in the park with colleagues back in October just to make you realise how behind I’m with my posts or how much I’m shooting since I’ve got my Moment Lens. It wasn’t cold yet but someone had the nice idea to leave a wool cap for someone in needContinua a leggere “A day at the park on a warm autumn day.”

My side of the story. What’s yours?

A story, it’s the view that the writer wants to share with the reader, but what’s making a story special isn’t just the inner reaction you get out of them, but for me how a story can be re-imagined from your audience while they are going through your words. An early morning can start withContinua a leggere “My side of the story. What’s yours?”

Destination? Coté d’Azure …

I’m so late in writing my posts then now deep into the autumn it’s a good thing to remember those hot days in the sun in South France. Menton has been my holiday place for the last 20 years and even if is not Italy we love it. I was waiting for my delayed flightContinua a leggere “Destination? Coté d’Azure …”

Sometimes a photo is all about luck. What do you think? I don’t!

It’s not a secret anymore that I much prefer London early in the morning when people aren’t around, at least just a few, then during the day or fun young nights. It’s so much enjoyable walk around when nobody around and gets to know places of this wonderful city with a different light. And IContinua a leggere “Sometimes a photo is all about luck. What do you think? I don’t!”