Wide Eyed and Speechless

Wide Eyed and Speechless…. Words that come into my head when I stepped into the wilderness of nature’s  back garden of beauty and peace. Leaving behind the sunshine of Italy, I arrived in England’s re-known weather front of Rain, Wind and some sunshine, although summer was officially here, it had no resemblance to the summerContinua a leggere “Wide Eyed and Speechless”

Goooood Morning World!

My alarm set in readiness for a bright and early start….. It awakes me at 4.00 am, I stir by opening one eye at a time and looking out into the still darkened sky I was wondering ……………………………. why I am I doing this… I enjoy a very early morning breakfast of Honey, Bread andContinua a leggere “Goooood Morning World!”

Be proud of yourself!

In the past few months, I have been making contact with many people over the internet through various kinds of social networks. The majority of them have been professional photographers, but also amateurs, art directors, sales managers and accounts personnel. With the Social Networks evolving at such a fast pace, it offers an ideal wayContinua a leggere “Be proud of yourself!”

Fail to Plan. Then Plan to Fail – But be Adventurous and try something new!

Another dawn breaks … and thoughts are on my mind again to seek new ideas in being creative on the great Outdoors …. As normal, I pack my Camera, my filters, equipped to find something new and different from the type of photos I would normally take.  I would always plan to take my photosContinua a leggere “Fail to Plan. Then Plan to Fail – But be Adventurous and try something new!”


Sat at my desk, I was drawn to the amazing cloud forms that were appearing in the sky and instantly, I saw a creation of pictures that could only be captured in black and white and on film. It was a dark, dull, wet afternoon, but it still managed to create a scene of beauty,Continua a leggere “EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING”