Are you wondering how I shoot my photos? Would you like to understand my thoughts while I’m walking around in the countryside or in the cities? One of the core ideas of my new group is to create a club of amateur photographers or even just people that enjoy taking pictures and discussing photos inContinua a leggere “HOW I MADE IT”

It’s all about colours!

Hello everyone hopes you are all good. I’m here to talk and share with you my latest work discovering the latest addition to my photography equipment. I bought them from GOBE …

#throwbackthursday (episode TWO)

Episode TWO for my Throw back Thursday. My plan to create more and different content is going well. Hopefully visit will increase starting from march based on my plans.

South Kensington. Finding something you didn’t notice yet.

Last Sunday I enjoyed a nice walk in South Kensington looking for nice spots to frame in a picture and I choose this area because of Instagram. I really enjoy looking for inspiration because it’s also a challenge. Can I find something that is not been already shoot?

#throwbackthursday (episode ONE)

Here I am with my fist episode of  #throwbackthursday following my 2008 resolution plan. Last week I posted every single #tbt as single images but I didn’t like really like that way to keep my website update and live. I prefer to post single pictures when I really need to show everyone something amazing orContinua a leggere “#throwbackthursday (episode ONE)”

My journey is complete and I know now where my photography need to sit.

This is it. It happened as simple as it could be. My belowed X-Pro 1 has gone and has been replaced by the DXO One and I finally found the place I belong with my photography. Am I a mobile photographer as the future suggest we might all be one day? I’m and like theContinua a leggere “My journey is complete and I know now where my photography need to sit.”

Soul, nature, portrait and Rock & Roll

One … Two … One, Two … and music play. Benedetto is and italian singer that bring soul and love in his passion in his music and was really a great pleasure and honour to get take portrait photos for his album.